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Who Do You Want To Become?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Ambila Answers Segment

Thursday @11.00am

I wanted to talk about Who Do You Want To Become?

What does it mean when I say who do you want to become? When I started in my business, I used to have this image that when I get to this level of my business I am going to be this particular type of person. That was my point of recognition that I had reached where I wanted to be. This person was going to be

  • confident

  • she was going to address in a certain way

  • she was going to drive this type of car

If you have worked with a business coach or done marketing, you will know this is the kind of thing we do when we ask 'Who is your ideal client'?

We take you on a journey and break everything down so that you know

  • what they look like

  • what their likes and dislikes are

  • where you would find them etc

Now switch this concept around, I'm not sure if anybody has done this with you or whether you've actually ever done it for yourself. But take the example of Oprah, why do you want to be her? What is it about her that you want? Is it the materialistic things? Or the spiritual things or their personal growth? Think about what specific things it is about her that you're drawn to.

Is it the contacts she has, the great wealth, the recognition, the spiritual or personal growth. What is it about her essence that I want to be and then start looking into to how you can be that?

What is it about you that will give you that feeling that you are growing, that you are getting to where you want to be. Is it that you want to work on your confidence? Is it that you want to work on your image or on your business growth? What milestones are you putting within your own growth to know that you are moving in the right direction.

Watch the video

When I left the corporate world I had the image of you see on all the Netflix American TV Serials, where the women dress really sharply and always wear high heels. I used to live that life and now get me in high heels but now I wear heels that are comfortable for me. The past image probably doesn't work for who I am today but it is knowing who I want to become and how I am going to get there.

Write your story down. Tell me in real detail who that person is. Tell me their lifestyle, their dress sense to the level that you would know this person inside and out.

Once you have done that now ask why do you have to wait to be that person? I will be that person when I have x y and z?

Where in your timeline does it say that you are not already on that journey.

I want you to realise that some of what you are seeking you may already have. It’s just that you have not acknowledged or realised it or become conscious of it.

So anybody brave enough and willing enough to do this exercise, break it down. Stop saying I want to be Oprah or Beyoncé, and see who you are already. And then see, what is the gap in between that you need to work on because it's not going to be a 100-percent journey.

You have probably already done 40%, so what do you need to do to get to the next 60%?

Know that things will change as you grow. Be ok with that.

The whole point of stepping into becoming someone is to acknowledge who you already are and how much more of a journey you've got to do to get where you want to be. It's all about the inner work. We focus on external things and think that that will fix our life and all that’s missing.

Do not be afraid to do this exercise but be empowered to actually do to be the person you want to become today. Don't wait for tomorrow, Don't wait for 10-years. Don't wait for that milestone date. Look at how you can become that person today.

If you need to start dressing more sharply, why wait do it now!

Do you need to let go of heels or take on heels, why wait do it now!

If you need to anything you can do now do now - don't wait

There's no reason to wait because that's just wasting more time. Be that person now and acknowledge it. That's when you start to store it in your conscious mind. So write it down any which way you know you want to, via vision boarding, journalling however you take it information. Then start stepping into being that person today!

All of those qualities are there. It's just about opening those doors and allowing those qualities to come through.

I know the greatness that exists within you I just want you to see it


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