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7 Patterns STOPPING YOU FROM. . . your dreams

Updated: Feb 15

One of the secrets to manifesting that ‘Experts’ don’t tell you enough about - is that you have to do the ‘INNER Growth’!

Manifesting is about always working on your inner demons and the things that are holding you back from what you want.

As you will know by now, I am continuously working on myself and that has now become ‘my identity’ (more on that later). A part of ‘my norm’, my life.

I have just completed a four-day summit with Tony Robbins on the 7 patterns stopping your from your dreams

For those who have never heard of him (and I would hope that’s only a few), Tony is the father/grandfather/ CEO of the coaching industry. He is the man who pioneered ‘Coaching’ as we know it today.

I want to share something Tony covered in the 4 days, as I feel it will help you in your own journey to getting to where you want to be.

Tony Robbins

7 Patterns that are stopping you from. . . your dreams

Stop the language to “MY”

My depression, my anxiety, my blood pressure etc

Anything that you attach “I AM’ to with enough intensity and consistency - you become!

You program yourself and it becomes your ‘identity’ and that means you are giving your energy permission to fully embrace it in all its lack.

When you say “It’s ME” - no it’s the pattern/habit

When you say ‘it’s me’ you are owning it and creating it to be your story, and then justifying why it may be hard to change. You are placing yourself in ‘Victim’ mode and that energy is not going to attract anything except more proof in your life that justifies you staying in that state.

Stress around finding your purpose

Free yourself that you only have ‘ONE’ purpose to fulfil in this lifetime.

From our great grandfather's era, we have been conditioned to that we can only have ‘One of something’

  • One job for life

  • One soul mate

  • One purpose

  • One career

  • One way of making an income

Notice the pattern - one, one, one. . . anything additional then you are being greedy, selfish, lost, failure. . . and the list goes on.

You’re also limiting yourself on the energy flow by sending the signal to the universe - I just want one. . .

So FREE yourself of the ‘ONE’ and recondition yourself to the “MANY”.

Life is long and there are so many possibilities and probabilities. As long as it brings you money and joy - you don’t need to limit yourself. We are not living in the old limitations, or expectations that our ancestors had. So Let it GO…

These words (below) are from Tony

The need to find a purpose is the need for you to feel significant in your life.

You need to ask “What do I want” and then 3 questions

  1. Be clear on - what’s the specific Result you want from that

  2. Why do I want it - Purpose - this is the reason that will motivate you to carry on when things get tough 

  3. Massive Action plan - you need to take action towards what you want

‘Perfect’ is the lowest standard of all

Perfect doesn’t exist but it is a great procrastinator.

Tony says ‘Aim for Greatness’. 

That means you need to keep doing something consistently every day (practice, discipline and work in progress). It requires you to move and take action.

This is flowing energy and flexible energy that is shifting you to grow.

“The need to be Perfect” is energy that is stubborn, resistant, controlling and keeping you stuck.

So which one do you keep choosing every day?

“I feel so good - but I don’t want this to go away”

The only way a feeling/emotion stays in you - is that you condition it to be that every day. 

You need to do the inner work and keep reprogramming yourself.

If you workout for one day - you’ll feel great

If you work out for one month - you’ll feel good

If you consistently workout 4-6 times a week for 6 months - that will become part of your identity and you will always feel good and condition your body and mind that this is your norm.

Commit yourself Make it a priority Do It!!

Thinking without action

People constantly thinking but not doing. . . 

Just take action, no matter how small. Build the momentum and do something.

Thinking about things = another form of procrastination

Disempowering psychology/belief vs a set of psychology/beliefs empowering in any environment

You need to let go of your ‘story’ - any beliefs that stop you from doing what you want to do

‘I’m not good enough’

‘The rich get richer’

‘Others are doing so well’

‘I can’t make money due to the economy’ etc etc…

Only You can decide to change your beliefs and switch them over to more positive ones.

These are examples that Tony Robbins uses for himself ie.

Life is happening FOR me (and ‘not to me’)

Everything happens for a reason and purpose - and my job is to find that purpose

These switches have moved the energy from Victim to Empowering. Sometimes it’s just a tweak in your everyday habits.

Don’t let any of the above stop you from your dreams.

Just keep focusing and taking action (and the right actions) that are moving you towards the life you want.

As always - I know you’ve got this 💖


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