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What if you could manifest a business you love with the least amount of effort - BUT  create more time, build a support network, get clients and consistently grow your business

Would you be interested?

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Or let me rephrase that. . .

What If:

  • you could make consistent money so you could pay your bills and not live month-to-month
  • you could increase your sales and not feel like you have been salesy in the process
  • you had a consistent flow of clients wanting to be loyal to you
  • you could turn your hobby into a business and get paid for doing what you love​
  • you could step into being the business owner that you dream of
  • your business gave you more time to spend with your family and do the things that you want to do

If you want to consistently keep growing your business. . .

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Here's the problem

you started your business because you wanted to get away from being an 'employee' and become 'your own boss!'

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but you found you are. . .

  • working more hours than when you were employed!

  • feeling alone - as there are no team members to support you or people around you that understand what you are going through

  • weary of the fact that you are doing every job under the sun to run your business and have no time to do actually work on your business

  • feeling stuck in your business and struggling to know what steps you need to take to upscale your business

  • you don't have 'Mentor support', someone to guide you to grow your business

now, imagine having more time, more expert guidance, a network of people and systems to support your business without having to give up on your life

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you will be able to spend time with your friends and family doing the things that are important to you. while your business grows

you will no longer be alone but will be able to ask for help and guidance

imagine having, automated, systems in place - saving you time to spend planning and growing your business

you will have more time to do the parts of the business you enjoy, while giving the work to others and growing a team of your own

welcome to

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Elevate Your Business Program

What is this program?

ELEVATE your BUSINESS is a personalised and tailored coaching program that guides you with strategies, insights and tools for business owners and entrepreneurs who are just starting out or have been in business 1-5 years and feel stuck and frustrated in their business.


They may be lacking clarity, clients, consistency in income and feeling that they do not have enough time to work on their business!

What is the approach?

The program is designed to help you in all aspects or your being. We work through 360 degrees of your whole self


Mental, Emotional and

Physical guidance to letting go of the things that are holding you back



Logical & Practical Coaching

helping with business strategies / plans / vision


Teaching you to tap into your inner guidance system - your intuition 

Connecting & Understanding how you can use Energy to direct you in your business

Is it right for me?

Our ideal clients fall into one of these categories:

You began your business to take control of your life, to have more time and create the financial freedom you want. Instead you are working more hours then when you were employed and not earning the money you deserve.

Elevate your Business will HELP YOU, as we will be holding your hand and giving you the tools, knowledge and guidance to create more time, and give you support to create more time to work on your business and for the people you love

You think you know what you want in your business – yet you do not have the clarity or vision on how to make it happen.

Elevate your Business will HELP YOU to question yourself and ensure that what you want is right for you and your business. It will make you think outside the box.

We will teach you how to define, create and manifest the vision for your business and make money
You already have your vision and are confident in knowing what you want – yet you don’t know the strategies to take your business to the next level?

Elevate your Business will HELP YOU with timeless & priceless strategies, planning and techniques to help you to see your vision become a reality and step into being the Business Owner you are!

Clients say. . .

jo mcewen.jpg

Joanna mcewen

Business owner

Ambila helped me to do my first TEDx talk. It wasn’t even something that I had considered and initially I found lots of excuses for not doing it. But Ambila convinced me that I was ready and needed to believe in myself.

She is a great person to work with, she is always striving to help you and push you to being the best that you can be – without any hidden agenda to what she can get out of it. Ambila holds you accountable and pushes you out of your comfort zone because she believes in you. She is a truly inspirational and vey motivating.


paul Stonehouse

She has the ability to intuitively understand me and grasp the heart of what I am confronted by, and helps me move forward very rapidly by enabling me to see things from a different perspective. She is very generous, reassuring and focused in her attention and is a person I trust implicitly. I always find our sessions are of great value, and as a bonus, we usually end up spontaneously laughing about how significant I was making it all – very therapeutic! A fabulous person to have supporting you.

Business owner / Coach

Image by Courtney Cook

Tanya Sheppard

Café owner

Its like a therapy session with a good friend, who not only provides insight into your challenges, but also gives me the tools to see clearly and apply a different approach to things. This is the psychic and coaching professionalisms that Ambila combines together. Truly a very gifted and inspiring woman and I feel so fortunate that our paths have crossed

How can I join the program?

Joining is by an Informal Chat only. I do not do mass enrolments – why because I need to know that my clients are truly ready to take this journey and will do the work required to make the changes they need to in their business.

We book an informal chat to just talk and find out about one another and ask as many questions. This gives us both time to think and know whether we are right for each other.


There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation

let's stay in touch. . .

Wow, you made it to the end! It would be sad to end your journey without us connecting. You can always download our FREE 'Manifesting Made Easy' guide - Just click here


Feeling it may be too much then you might want to just follow us on our social media


Yep we've got you covered!

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