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Spiritual Life Style Coach

Certified Life Coach

Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow,

it’s all the same day - Janis Joplin


Ambila's story isn't complicated or hard to understand... but it was a journey that she chose to take to become the person she already was.

​She had a typical Asian upbringing where, as a woman you were expected to fit into a certain mould of your life being first dictated by your father and brother and then by your husband (if you married). You were expected to fit into the 'norm' of what people understood to be right. The difference with Ambila was that she was born ahead of her time.


She was born too independent and too strong for what her society would accept or was ready for. ​


Ambila always knew that she wanted to work for herself and have her own business. So while working in the corporate world, she started studying to be a life coach - unknowingly embarking on a new chapter.


This gave her the strength to walk away from a life that was no longer working for her. ​She made a decision to change how things were and took the scary step and pushed herself so far out of her comfort zone and outside the guilt of trying to make everyone else happy.

She started a new life in a new city with “yet to meet” new people.

It was difficult and lonely at times, being somewhere where you were not familiar with the streets or the people. She taught herself all the skills to survive and make a new life. It took her a long time before she felt that this was home and that she belonged.


Ambila is finally in a place where she is living the life that she has wanted.


She knows that she doesn't have all the answers, but one thing she does have is a commitment to finding them and giving you the best guidance and support that she can.

She’s known to be a straight talker and to tell it how it is - with love and compassion. Everything she says and does comes from a place of empathy and from her heart.

Thank you for connecting with Ambila and allowing her to support you in your journey!

with love Ambila xx

Nobody needs to live a life in a box that

'Fits all'.

Living your true life means opening yourself up to your potential and trusting your own intuition and voice!


Ambila Nath

She Didn't Allow Yesterday's Pain to Define Her or the Uncertainty of Tomorrow to Control Her

Stormy Skies


She battled with her family, culture and society for the right to lead her own life and make her own choices. 

There were many challenges and struggles faced. It's hard to show people who you are when all they want is - for you to be who they want & need you to be.


The universe was telling her to break free, be her own person – but how do you become that person when you don’t have the skills, tools and knowledge to believe or trust that your life will be ok.

Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you - John C. Maxwell



She didn't allow yesterday's pain to define her or the uncertainty of tomorrow to control her

Ambila also started her spiritual journey, connecting with her inbuilt guidance system. There have been a lot of losses and heartaches and seeking life's answers to get to today.

She has an innate ability to combine both Logic and Spirituality to read and tune into a person’s energy. She has always understood both sides of the coin and can articulate any side of the human reality in simple terms that will make it easy for a person to know what they need to do move forward

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