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I was listening to Wayne Dyer’s podcast the other day and he talks a great deal about - “your life is exactly what you think.”

woman thinking

Now I know you’re scratching your head thinking - WHAT?!!

OK you might have heard of this other quote

‘You are what you eat’ - meaning that your health and body shape are aligned with the activities and foods you eat. You are not going to have a toned body by sitting on the sofa eating cake all day.

This is exactly what Wayne means when he talks about your thoughts.


Your life today - is exactly aligned with the decisions and thoughts you have had about yourself and your life on a daily basis. YOu're Life is what you think


I know what you’re thinking - how can my thoughts have gotten me to a life in debt, having a job I hate or not making any money from my business?

Yep I used to think that too…

Until - I once worked with this amazing coach and he set a task for us to monitor our thoughts. I had never thought about actually listening to the thoughts that I have on a daily basis. I talk to people about becoming better listeners - but listening to my thoughts!! - that was a new one for me.

SO DO THIS TASK - I seriously recommend it

1) monitor the thoughts you have over 7 days

2) really listen to what you are thinking/saying to yourself

3) it doesn’t matter what topic you are thinking about - just all of it

4) do not judge, but view it like as if you are watching a movie

5) make sure you detach from the emotions/feelings that the thought(s) bring up

When I did this I found

  1. I thought I was a positive person but I was shocked by how many negative, judgmental and discouraging thoughts I had about myself 🤯​

  2. I had a similar chain of thoughts around about the same time every day ie. 11.00am was a trigger when I would have thoughts relating to different family issues

  3. How a lot of the thoughts were reliving past scenarios that I have moved on from, yet I seem to have set an anchor* point that takes me back to the exact same negative feeling/emotion on demand 😂​

*anchor - (I wrote a past newsletter on this) a point that you have set in your life that will zap you back to the feelings/emotions and thoughts you had relating to an event.

Seriously try it and let me know what you get from it.

This one task changed my whole perspective and the way I did things.

90% of our life has been created by our subconscious mind. People are unaware that thoughts have so much power as they vibrate an energy like a magnet - swinging positive or negative.

When you have a positive outlook on life, doors of opportunity open up for you. You’ll see possibilities where others see dead ends. This is because a positive mindset generates a powerful energy that draws good things into your life.

If you want to create chances in your business(life), start by changing your mindset. Think positively and follow it by taking daily actions towards your goals and being open to seeing the guiding signs from the universe.

So if you are wondering what is the ONE thing I can do today that would change my life - then let it be this:

Do The Task above and let me know what you get

Reach out - after all I’m here to help you in your journey ​😉​

Ambila Nath


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