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My Secret of Staying Focused when Manifesting

manifesting vision board

People view me as a natural happy-go-lucky person. ​But in reality, I can be more of a swan… someone you see gliding through life with ease when the actual reality is that there is so much more going on beneath.

​And when "real life" catches up with me, and work stuff, my to-do list, or even stress, take over, my great mood usually subsides very quickly… (people close to me will see that).

​As a result of life’s challenges, I’ve pretty much managed to stay in vibrational alignment with my dreams, most of the time. And that was key to attracting the amazing life I'm living today and constantly creating more of…

I do not believe that "staying in high-vibe, 24/7" is a lifestyle we should aspire to… because it’s not realistic or manageable and I 100% know that it's not needed to manifest successfully.

When we are faced with so many challenges - It's always good to have a self-coaching tool at your hands that helps you to get back on track.

Here's my secret... ​​I ​Use Anchors!


This is ‘one of the tools’ that I use constantly to “remind” myself to stay positive and to keep working on my goals.​

Anchors are used in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming - look it up if you don’t know what it is) as little daily reminders that nudge your focus back to what you want to manifest even if things don’t work out as they should. (We all know these days, don't we?)

An anchor can be anything from words, gestures, sounds, images, smells, or anything else that you associate with a certain feeling or positive happy and safe place of being. ​

So here’s a fast-track way to get you started with anchoring. . . 

  1. Get yourself in the desired relaxed and positive state (think about your goal. express gratitude.)

  2. Now, use the anchor, for example, by touching it to link to that space and time

  3. Then break out of that state, back to the present time.

  4. Now, use the anchor to test.​​

Do a Google search if you are interested in learning more about anchors.

So here's my top 3 list of things you can use as an anchor when manifesting...​

Anchor 1- A view, from a window, out in nature - that takes you back to a situation where you were totally aligned with your dream, where you felt incredibly relaxed, where you were just in the flow.​

Anchor 2- Your favourite cup. It’s not about whether you drink coffee or tea daily. You can use a cup and set an anchor to it. (I have a Tiger mug, what's yours?)

Anchor ​​3- A movie/song can trigger a whole flood of emotions and I know that every one of us has a ” favourite one” that has a big meaning for us.​Choosing a movie/song as a manifesting anchor may not be practical in everyday life, but if you can take the time to watch this film, it certainly has a very strong effect on a deep emotional level.​

These are just a few ideas as inspiration. There are no rules on what such an anchor should look like.​​

It can be a word or sentence, a body part, a particular object, or a place; it is about the feeling that you are connecting to the anchor, not about the anchor itself.​

To choose a good manifesting anchor, you can ask yourself the following questions:​

  • Is this manifesting anchor something personal?

  • Does this manifesting anchor trigger the right feelings in me?

  • Is this manifesting anchor practical and easy for me to use?

  • Can I use this manifesting anchor in everyday life or exactly when I need it?​

Drop me a message if you want more help in understanding and using this method

Ambila Nath


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