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How Do You Cope With Being Alone?

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This is not referring to being alone as in not finding a relationship – but avoiding being in your own company.

There’s actually a name for this - Autophobia refers to anxiety triggered by the idea and experience of spending time alone. It’s not an official diagnosis as a mental health conditions but falls under the category of specific phobias. Watch the video to find out more

So where did the fear come from?

  • Childhood experiences

  • Felt abandoned in life before, as a child or your partner broke up with you.

  • You don’t know how to be comfortable to be alone.

  • A fear of the past feeling/pain that might get brought up that you are avoiding

  • Across cultures – especially my Asian culture – we are brought up living with a family until we die – whether that’s your own family or your husbands. The concept that you would want to live on your own is just unheard of

How to Overcome Your Fear of Being Alone

  1. Embrace having a relationship with yourself

  2. Embrace Loneliness

  3. Do you own thing – chill / work / watch tv / cook / go for a walk

  4. Use time to recharge

  5. You’ll reflect more often

  6. You’ll get in touch with your own emotions – that’s the time when you heal as you are facing your pain

  7. You’ll feel more independent and confident in doing things yourself

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