Helped me to believe in myself and feel that I could achieve far more than I thought I could

“When I started working with Ambila it was just to raise my own self-confidence and get clarity of what I wanted to in my life. Ambila helped me to believe in myself and feel that I could achieve far more than I thought I could. While working with her, I got a job, a promotion with training and support and a pay rise - all of which I never thought I would be considered for! With my new confidence, Ambila also supported and guided me to find the right husband! In my culture it's not the norm to date before marriage. She guided me to build a relationship/friendship with my husband, prior to our wedding and now I'm looking forward to my future!”

MK, Brighton, UK

She is always striving to help you and push you to being the best that you can be

“Ambila helped me to do my first TEDx talk. It wasn’t even something that I had considered and initially I found lots of excuses for not doing it. But Ambila convinced me that I was ready and needed to believe in myself. She is a great person to work with, she is always striving to help you and push you to being the best that you can be – without any hidden agenda to what she can get out of it. Ambila holds you accountable and pushes you out of your comfort zone because she believes in you. She is a truly inspirational and very motivating"

JE, Brighton, UK

Thank you for your continuous support!

Today I made the call to enrol in a course that I have been wanting to do for the past 8 years! thank you Ambila for all your support.”

RK Reading, UK

Took me out of my comfort zone

“Ambila is a great listener and actually solves your problem without the unnecessary frills and add ons. She has a great talent in uncovering the issues you have and finding multiple solutions to your problems so you're able to choose the path most suited to you. Although she did take me out of my comfort zone, she held my hand through the journey, assuring me and restoring the lost confidence I had"

EN, London. UK

She’s incredibly motivating

 “When working with Ambila, you are given lots of ways that you can reach your goals without letting go of the bigger picture..  She’s incredibly motivating and I feel inspired to achieve a lot after our sessions together”

SK, London, UK

A fabulous person to have supporting you

“I have known and worked with Ambila for more than 10 years, and in that time have valued her guidance on many occasions, particularly when I am beset with self-doubt. She has the ability to intuitively understand me and grasp the heart of what I am confronted by, and helps me move forward very rapidly by enabling me to see things from a different perspective. She is very generous, reassuring and focused in her attention and is a person I trust implicitly. I always find our sessions are of great value, and as a bonus, we usually end up spontaneously laughing about how significant I was making it all – very therapeutic! A fabulous person to have supporting you.”

PS, Southampton, UK

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