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Meet Ambila

Certified Life Coach & Spiritual Expert

We are Energy and we are surrounded by energy.

Part of your journey here is to CONNECT WITH and UNDERSTAND this energy so that you can Balance Yourself and Create the Life You Want.

I am continuously studying and linking into my spiritual abilities to gain balance in my soul and my own life.

I Combine Both Logic and Spirituality to read and tune into your energy and give you the guidance you need at the current time. I have always understood both sides of the coin and can articulate any side of the human reality in simple terms that will make it easy for you to know what you need to do.

My souls' purpose is to help align you to your path. You CHOOSE whether you want to work with the Logical Path or open yourself up to trusting something more Spiritual.

Regardless of the choice - I will always be there guiding you.

What I Specialise In

Building a Relationship with Yourself

Guiding You to Open up to Your Intuition

Spiritual Healing & Insights

Adopting a Positive Mindset & Setting Personal Goals

Personalised & Tailored Coaching

The Greatest Journey You Can Take is Building a Relationship with Yourself. That is the Key to the Love/Career/Business You Dream of

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When I started working with Ambila it was just to raise my own self-confidence and get clarity of what I wanted to in my life. Ambila helped me to believe in myself and feel that I could achieve far more than I thought I could

- MK, Brighton

She is a great person to work with, she is always striving to help you and push you to being the best that you can be – without any hidden agenda to what she can get out of it

- JE, UK

Ambila is a great listener and actually solves your problem without the unnecessary frills and add ons. She has a great talent in uncovering the issues you have and finding multiple solutions to your problems so you're able to choose the path most suited to you

EN, London

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