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Spiritual Business Coach

Certified Life Coach

Hi, I'm Ambila - serial entrepreneur, certified coach, spiritual teacher, international speaker and a follower of my passions.

My clients describe me as

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I have always aimed to live my life by example and am transparent in my growth and with the people I help.


I always knew I wanted to inspire people and show them that anything is possible in life... you've just got to be prepared to embark on the journey, no matter how painful it may seem at times.

I love that I am lucky enough to be living my life following my passion and doing work that inspires me. My journey has held many challenges and with it a lot of growth.

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'The Girl Next Door'

of Spirituality


Ambila is a truly gifted person with a very rare and unique ability to both psychically tune into a person, and their energy, as well as mentor or coach a person through what ever circumstances or life event they face. Its like a therapy session with a good friend, who not only provides insight into present and future situations, but also gives me the tools to see clearly and apply a different approach to things. This is the psychic and coaching professionalisms that Ambila combines together. Truly a very gifted and inspiring woman.

- Tanya Sheppard, UK


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Building a relationship with yourself

Building a Relationship with Yourself

Guiding you to open up to your intuition

Guiding You to Open up to Your Intuition

Spiritual Healing & Insights

Spiritual Healing & Insights

Adopting a positive mindset & setting personal goals

Adopting a Positive Mindset & Setting Personal Goals

Personalised & tailored coaching

Personalised & Tailored Coaching

What I Specialise In

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That is the key to manifesting your dream business

. . is by knowing who you are!


So whether you are:

- struggling to get clients

- not able to create a consistent monthly income

- seeking to grow your business

- or just looking for guidance, support and accountability

​Whatever or where ever your focus maybe I can help you

When you personal foundations are weak, it will ultimately effect your business.

Your life isn't complicated - you are!

Lets embark on a journey


Ambila is the entire package. It’s incredibly rare to find a mix an intuitive spiritual business coach and tech expert but Ambila is able to embrace all of it. Highly skilled and able to work on a deep level Ambila’s talent for getting to the authentic root of the issue then finding practical and actionable solutions is a game-changer. I would recommend her services to anyone!

- Tricia Scott, UK

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