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Tarot Reading


My readings with Ambila have always been so insightful, and accurate in guiding me through situations. The accuracy has been so spot on, and I strongly believe it is because Ambila intuitively taps into my energy so much that I always feel like I have full clarity at the end of each conversation. 


Truly a very gifted and inspiring woman and I feel so fortunate that our paths have crossed

Tanya Sheppard, UK

It can be scary and daunting when you feel
  • lost and you just need that clarity to help you through the uncertainty
  • or just that you are curious to know what the future holds for you

The Tarot is a powerful tool that can help you with that.


It can help open your perception to reveal the bigger picture of the possibilities available to you.

Seeking guidance from the tarot can help give you the assurance that you are on the right path​ showing you how to walk and work through any current challenges you may be facing.

A Tarot reading will help you gain clarity on a situation and enable you to move towards making a positive transformation in your life.

The biggest answers lie in letting go and trusting that life is as it NEEDS to be

Ambila is an International intuitive tarot reader and has been giving guidance using tarots for over two decades.


She trained with a psychic school for over three years opening up her intuition and ability to read energies.


But it’s her decades of experience doing over 5000+ readings and giving guidance which makes her the insightful Tarot reader she is today.


Ambila has the unique ability to pinpoint the areas of life which need development, change or release. With her skills as a Spiritual business coach, she is always able to suggest how to apply the insights from your session to your life. 

Amazing, beautiful gifted, thank you so much, had my first reading today, it's not surprising that she's so busy, good luck getting a reading with her, but keep trying, she is well worth the wait, very genuine, validation after validation, very connected to spirit, very high level, gets things only the best of the best get, lots of love and hugs 

julie :-) xx

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