Getting a reading is about trusting the unknown to give you the answers and direction you seek.

It can be scary and daunting when you feel lost and feel you just need that clarity to help you through - or it could just be that you are curious to know what the future holds for you.

In a Reading:

  • YOU will be in control of your reading

  • EMPOWERED and guided to make the choices & decisions you seek

  • ASK as many questions as you wish


NG Surrey UK on 05/08/2019 - Very caring and articulate

Ambila provided me with an in-depth reading in a very caring and articulate manner. She made me feel totally relaxed and gave me guidance for what is to happen over time. I’m really looking forward to the changes I’ll be encountering. Thank you so much! It’s just what I needed to hear!

Sara from Australia on 29/07/2019 - Honest, funny and to the point

I just wanted to thank you. You really have made a huge difference in my thoughts and feelings, and everything you said really hit home. I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress.

J from UK on 24/07/2019 - General Reading

It was so good!!!! Things have already come true. I got the job! and finally took the plunge to change my life. Thanks so much​


We all seek to know when we will find the right person or if the current one is the one. Or maybe you just want answers regarding your relationship.

Sometimes the simplest questions can hold all the answers. Get clarity and help yourself get some answers.


Are you worried about where your career/business is heading?

Even though you may be doing all the work but things just aren't clicking into place.

Seek guidance and find out what the bigger picture may be


Are you curious to know what the future holds for you but not necessarily have any burning questions?

In this reading, I will cover the areas that I am guided to give you messages on. This could range from anything like - love, relationships, work, money and life in general.


B from UK on 09/07/2019 - A Diamond

A lovely reader, very genuine and caring. Takes time to explain how things work and always has a cheery disposition. Her information is spot on and she tells you things that couldn't possibly be guessed at. The information just flowed on from the last reading I had, a year ago. Really wonderful - thank you!

T from USA on 28/06/2019 - Honest Reading

I wanted a reading on love and career and where others painted rosy pictures and told me what I wanted to hear, she was honest and gentle. She gave me the information and guidance I needed to hear and after months of waiting, what she said is slowly unfolding.

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