What's Your Relationship With Yourself?

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I did this over the weekend – and struggled – it’s not something we are asked.

Be honest about your relationship with yourself

  • How do you treat yourself

  • Know this, how you treat yourself is how you will treat others and what you seek in others if what you are not giving yourself

  • What do you think about yourself

  • What do you feel about your self – is it love / or just something you don’t think about

  • Your accomplishments

  • Your growth

  • What do you class as failures


The root of our beliefs and how we see and interact with the world comes from our upbringing and the people and experiences that surrounded us

  • Adopt an attitude of curiosity and acceptance

  • Prioritise basic self-care - Sleep / nutrition / activity / rest / recreation / positive mental habits

  • Be kind to yourself. This doesn't mean "letting yourself off the hook" or shirking responsibility, but it also isn’t about blaming yourself for things that are outside your control and have nothing to do with you

  • Ask for help – strength not weakness

  • Celebrate and praise yourself for all the good things and hard work you do – give yourself a ¼ appraisal

The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world.” Toni Collette

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