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Our podcast Library

Universal grace

4 Feb 2022 I had the wonderful honour of being a guest on the Universal Grace Podcast Nadine Grace We talked about all things spiritual and my views, my journey and life. Spotify


31 Jan 2022 Talk to Brad Walsh when asked ‘What are your thoughts on the landscape of entrepreneurship and women run businesses” - we got into a wonderful discussion on my thoughts regarding the mindsets of the older generations of men in the business world and how that is currently shaping things for women in business and the work place.⁠ ⁠ I loved this. . . I love talking about concepts that help to push my own thinking and that of others. ⁠

Coaching Call

14 Jan 2022 I had the honour of being interviewed by Coaching Call with Sifu Rafael⁠ ⁠ We talked about all things Business, Spiritual and how the 2 came together in me.⁠ ⁠ listen in⁠ ⁠Apple podcasts⁠ ⁠ Spotify⁠

coffee oclock

25 Dec 2021 The Key to Manifest the Life You Dream of⁠ @joyyburcu @coffeeoclock_podcast Podcast⁠ I had the honour of being interviewed by Burcu Onaranel on her podcast and we spoke about all they ‘The Key to manifesting the Life you Dream of’⁠

heal and transform

22 Dec 2021 Heal and Transform Your Life Podcast 🤔😎⁠ ⁠ I had the pleasure of being interviewed by @JanineWirth on her podcast and share my story and the emotions and beliefs I had to heal within me to rebuild my life. . .⁠

INfluence podcast

Aug 2021 The INfluence podcast is specifically designed for people looking to inspire more people, share their message and impact millions worldwide! Listen along 👉iTunes:

Funktastic Chats

July 2021 I had the honour of being interviewed by Mike Zabrin is a musician from Chicago, IL, and owner of award-winning wedding & events band, Funktastic Productions. His podcasts inspire thousands of people to understand the value of investing in yourself, because if you don't invest in yourself, then who's going to invest in you. Listen to the full podcast Buzzsprout Link

The Beautiful Side of Grief

Jul 2021 The loss of my eldest sister - I had the privilege of being interviewed by an extraordinary woman, Helen Morris, who lost her daughter, aged 18, the same year (2017) I lost my eldest sister. Helen is an energy healer and uses her wisdom, spirituality to help others overcome their grief. She gives people a platform to heal.

From Chaos to Peace

I had a great pleasure of being interviewed by Conny Graf on my journey from Corporate to having a Spiritual Business We explore why we think we need to keep the logical and spiritual separate from each other. We talk about why I became a Tarot reader and how a reading with me can help you with and what topics I will not discuss, and I share the different reasons why people come to see me and what kind of questions they are asking.

Empowering Voices

April 2021 Speaking with Mara Girone on Empowering Voicess and talk about 'Unstoppable Resilience'. and what that means to me . Listen to my breakthroughs moments

Lady Myya

March 2021 Lady Myya interview with me on 'How to reach for help'

Angel & Destiny

14 December 2020 I’m delighted to be chatting to Ambila Nath about how she went from spectator to psychic by opening up her intuition and how she can help you Create Balance In Your Life.

Sprinting to Success

Speaking about the relationship with yourself to find your dream relationship

The Geek Girl Podcast

In this episode, I chat with Ambila Nath, spiritual dating and relationship expert, about the importance of fostering a relationship with oneself. She shares her knowledge on how building self-confidence and self-awareness can lead to cultivating more fulfilling relationships.

Love Listen Talk Repeat

In this Episode - Ambila shares - clients beliefs and mindset - where & when people decided they had enough of dating or the current situation - how she uses her intuition to help people understand what they may be manifesting in their body - which is out of alignment

The Transformation Immersion Series

Listen to my journey in creating the life that I have and how I overcame pain to rebuild all my relationships

Chai with Sam Dossa

A great chat with Sam about all things relationship and what are views are culturally regarding the IDEAL PARTNET BEING A REALITY OR A MYTH

The Female CEO

5 June 2020 How we are in our relationships and potential love is due to the stories we have been carrying. These stories have a direct impact on how we connect., communicate and carry ourselves in our relationships - past & present. Our stories have been with us from the first time we were attracted to the opposite/same sex. Join us to find out: ❤️ What story stories are? ❤️ How these have been impacting you & your relationship/finding love ❤️ What you can do to change them

A Female Perspective to Dating

2 June 2020 Get a female view on dating with 3 experts. We discussed the Good, the Bad and the Ugly side of dating (women perspective). Why - guys do not court? - women have high standards? - it is difficult to communicate? - How long should you wait before intimacy? - What is the upside of lock down for dating? - How long do you wait after break up before you start dating again? And so much more...

Hearts Entwined

Dating During Lockdown 29 May 2020 You would think that dating in these times would be very unusual and difficult but if you look more carefully - you are being provided with a window of opportunity to get to know people who are genuinely interested in meeting others and looking for something more than a casual hook up

Happy Relationship Guidebook

How your expectations impact your relationships with Leslie Capps

Hearts Entwined

In today’s show, Ambila and Lyn discuss this all-too-common phenomenon, and talk about how we can learn to remove the barriers that stand between us and true love, no matter what our age

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