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Hi beautiful soul, welcome
I'm Ambila Nath, Award-Winning Certified Spiritual Business Coach, Intuitive Tarot Reader & Healer

I help business owners, entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches and healers (just like you) to tap into their intuition and become magnetic manifesters in their business.

You don't need to be spiritual to be here, but curiosity and being open will help.

Manifesting Made Easy - Ambila Nath

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7 Reasons Why Manifesting Isn't Working For You!

How we can help you

manifest an abundance of opportunities into your business with the least amount of effort.

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You're In The Right Place If...


The Question to Ask is - Are You Willing To Do The Work?

You are struggling to Start or Grow your business

You are Unclear What Manifesting really is and How to Leverage it in Your Business

You have a Sense that building a Business Shouldn't be this Hard!

You've ventured into a Spiritual Journey and Strategies but Still Feel Stuck

You are trying to Control and Manipulate Every Eventuality - thinking and feeling this will grow your Business

Ambila is the entire package. It’s incredibly rare to find a mix an intuitive spiritual business coach and tech expert but Ambila is able to embrace all of it. Highly skilled and able to work on a deep level Ambila’s talent for getting to the authentic root of the issue then finding practical and actionable solutions is a game-changer. I would recommend her services to anyone!​

- Tricia scott, UK

Tech Nerd turned Spiritual Business Coach!

If someone had told me my life would take this journey - I would not have believed them!

My journey is not anything out of the ordinary - just one that has weathered many storms but I have always stayed true to myself and my beliefs that I will have the life that I want.

Ambila has clients spanning 4 continents and has helped and inspired thousands of people to turn their passion into a business.

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Ambila Nath - Spiritual Business Coach
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There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation

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I'm also an

Award-Winning Magazine Editor

2022 & 2023

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