Are you a Woman who. . .

- HAS MULTIPLE ROLES a mother, wife, aunt, career woman, sister etc
- ALWAYS - put others first
- SACRIFICES - your dreams and ambitions
- HAS SOMEONE - else taking care of all the finances
- SEEKS PERMISSION - to do the things you want to do
- LACKS CONFIDENCE - in your own ability
- BLAMES OTHERS - for the way your life is

Ambila Nath

Seek advise from people but never their permission to be the woman you are! Being Independent is about OWNING who you are because - You, your dreams and your life matter.

Having taken this path myself - I want to help you to take full control of your decisions, choices and empower you to have your best life

Take This Journey To

- BE INDEPENDENT by learning all the Tools, Skills and Knowledge
- BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF by Reconnecting with who you are as a woman
- TAKE CONTROL of your Decisions and your Choices
- GAIN GREATER CONFIDENCE and a sense of Self
- UNDERSTAND YOUR MONEY and what it can Give You
- LEARN TO COMMUNICATE Better with the people around you
- CREATE the life that you Choose and Deserve

Mashuda Khutan, Brighton, UK

Mashuda Khutan, Brighton, UK Helped me to believe in myself and feel that I could achieve far more than I thought I could

When I started working with Ambila it was just to raise my own self-confidence and get clarity of what I wanted to in my life. Ambila helped me to believe in myself and feel that I could achieve far more than I thought I could. While working with her, I got a job, a promotion with training and support and a pay rise - all of which I never thought I would be considered for! With my new confidence, Ambila also supported and guided me to find the right husband! In my culture it's not the norm to date before marriage. She guided me to build a relationship/friendship with my husband, prior to our wedding and now I'm looking forward to my future!

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