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Welcome to. . .
Int-U+I-tive Meet Up

Where Smart Solutions Meet Good Company

FREE weekly
 Business Networking Event for like-minded women to come together to connect, chat, collaborate and help each other grow their business.

This is a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs to come together and benefit from the Support, Inspiration and Collaboration of an engaged and productive community.

what's in it For You. . .

Coffee on Desk


At Int-U+I-tive Meet Up, we believe in starting your day with a focus on why you’re grateful and following that with an action to pay it forward.


With every cup of coffee you buy, you’ll be able to pay it forward and help

someone else start their day with the same boost.

Join free networking. . .

Book as many sessions as you can

It's better to have the commitment in your diary
rather than a task in your to-do list

When: every Tuesday
Time: 2.00pm (UK time / GMT)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.