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How Do You Cope With Change?

Ambila Answers Segment

Thursday @10.00am

I don’t know about you but change can be a difficult thing to come to grips with.

Change is unavoidable and no one has control over – whether it’s positive or negative. Your experience of change can be made better or worse depending on your reaction and your attitude.

General people deal with change by:

  • Fear / avoidance ie. debt ignore letters

  • Ignoring - stay in whats comfortable

  • Embrace it – and see what happens next

We usually react to change in four stages:

  1. Shock and disorientation - feel confused and uncertain

  2. Anger and other emotional responses

  3. Coming to terms with the "new normal"

  4. Acceptance and moving forward

4 ways to help cope with change:

  1. Focus on the positives that the change is bringing

  2. Look at what solutions you can implement

  3. Manage your stresses

  4. Seek support - ask for help


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