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Don't Limit Your Abundance

Updated: Feb 19

Ambila Answers Segment

Thursday @11.00am

We as human beings consciously and subconsciously, talking about 95% of the population, are brought up by following the example of our parents or predecessors or guardians and following the pattern that they lived their life by.

I was brought up with the mindset that when I qualified in my degree, that was going to be the trade that I was going to be doing until the day I retired or until the day I died; and that was just something I didn't question or think beyond of.

That was just the way life but I kind of started realising that when we look at the rich, and the famous saying ‘the rich get richer and the poor stay poor’. I started studying and looking into that why was that what is it that I'm not doing? Then I started realising that the rich get richer because they have multiple incomes. They are not restricting themselves with regards to how they make their money.

That made me look into my own life and the journey I had prior to getting back into coaching, I had an interior design business that was doing really well and I shut it down - because I told myself that my passion is coaching so therefore I can't have interior design business and I'm wasting my time and diverting away - so I shut it down.

I then started doing tarot readings and again that was becoming a lucrative business again I shut it down. Why? Because it was my mindset that I can only do one job. I can only do one thing to succeed and that was going to be coaching.

In hindsight I now realise that the universe was giving me so much abundance and I chose consciously, but subconsciously not realising what I was doing, to shut it down and this is where it comes in with regards to don't limit your abundance.

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If there are things that you are passionate about and it is something that you love doing hence when you're doing it doesn't feel like work, but you know that you can turn that into making some kind of money or income for you then do it! Don't limit yourself; don't put yourself into a box or a niche. I was brought up when you have a business you have to have a niche otherwise your market gets completely confused with regards to what you do.

You need clarity with regards to what your message is and what service/product you're giving to your client but don't have a niche that limits you from making money from other things.

The things that I’m passionate about in my life have nothing inter-connected but I know that I can bring in abundance in my life. So really look at your business plan look at it from the point of view of what is it that excites you about it, what is it about your other passions that you can bring into this business or a side business and start to make money from.

If the doors of abundance are knocking do not close them, really look at how you can align that because if you want to be that millionaire and you want to have that magnificent lifestyle - allow the universe to give to you bigger than you ever thought you could give to yourself.

Let go of that mindset that I can only do it one thing in my life, do it in multiple ways and ways that you can create passive income.

Make your money work for you, it's not all about you doing the work there are really smart ways of bringing that abundance in.

Allow the opportunities that are knocking on your door to come in and let go of the mindset that there is only one avenue to making money, allow it in keep those doors open.


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