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Declutter Your Business

Updated: Jun 11

Ambila Answers Segment

Thursday @11.00am

Declutter your business is a concept that I have been doing for years. The naming of it the BUZZ word ‘Declutter’ is very young.

What Declutter your Business is and what it encompasses, I have been doing for over two decades.

I remember my first job and I was doing this yet the Buzz word did not exist so the concept seems fairly new.

Declutter your business is not about clearing your office space or your desk or your computer. That sits in its own thing.

This is to do with your own business and what you are doing within the business. From the business processes - How is your business operating?

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When we start off as entrepreneurs a lot of us do not come with that background and as a result a lot of what we start building organically or maybe with a bit of planning. Maybe there might be a little bit of a concept of what we are going to do, but as the business grows it is like we are slotting blocks on top of it rather than looking at the bigger picture of how it works with the existing business.

A bit like buying a house, you knew what you wanted, you knew the number of rooms, how it was going to be set up etc. and then as the family grew, and your needs changed you decided to expand the house and all you started doing was building extra rooms around the existing rooms. Slotting in more blocks, but you didn’t look at the house as a whole. You didn’t look into the flow of the house, if you had any use for it, how you were going to use it and whether it was going to help.

Was it actually going to make it worse i.e. was it going to add light into the room or make the room darker?

Now if you apply that psychology to your business what have you been doing in your business?

Let's look into a simple business process that you will have for a product-based business,

- You have a product in your shop

- A clients orders the product

- You pack the product

- You send the product

- You send confirmations

- You ask for feedback

There’s a beginning, middle and end to that process.

You may have been doing many processes in your business but have you ever looked at them again and assessed what are the things within that one process that I can

- Keep doing, because I choose to

- What can I delegate – either barter services, get friends and family or pay someone

- What can I automate

There are many online systems and apps available now that can help make our business live (and our own lives) better and faster. Reach out to the younger generation and groups that you may be in to ask about systems that can help you.

We need to build businesses where we embrace smarter ways of working rather than harder.

There may be things within the business that you can let go of because it could be ways of working that no longer serve you yet they have become habits and just what you are used to.

Decluttering your business is a huge task as it starts with a psychological mindset but once you commit then moving forward is an easy step. Remember it’s all about taking stepping stones, but the importance is to take those steps.

Do this on a regular basis as part of your business and always make it work for you rather than you working for it.


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