A Desktop Vision Board Intensive

Getting Your Vision Board Online - and in Your Sight Every Day!

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Are you feeling lost and confused and NOT SURE HOW to get the life you want?

Are you allowing the fear & stress to control your dreams? Or are stuck & frustrated

that others are manifesting their dreams and you are not


Whatever or wherever you may be starting

Having a clear vision of your life will help you on the path to creating that life.

The best way to achieve your goals is to keep them top of your mind and somewhere you can see it every day!


This is an important part of the process because visualisation activates the creative powers of your subconscious mind and programs your brain to notice available resources to help you to achieve your dream

We will be setting of intentions and reflecting back on the past to see:

  • What was good about it? – What did you accomplish?

  • What things didn’t work for you?

  • What would you do differently or change?

  • What positive things do you want to carry on manifesting?

I decided to book the Visual Board Workshop with Ambila and it was a fantastic experience. I immediately felt a positive connection with her like seeing a good and beloved friend. We discussed the different aspects of the approach and defined my goals.


I loved that she pushed me to go toward BIG dreams, not to stay small. Ambila gave me very clear instructions on how to do the vision board and define the objectives and I could implement every step very easily thanks to her good explanations and the workbook she sent me. I already see the effects of this powerful tool.

I warmly recommend Ambila as an intuitive and qualified coach



Join me for a 1:1 session

On Her Laptop


  • The Power of what a Vision Board is

  • How to set powerful intentions

  • How to create a vision board using Canva

  • How to set it as your desktop wallpaper so that it’s always there - If you are lacking wall space – like me! Then setting it as your desktop wallpaper is an ideal solution.



  • An opportunity to recognise what’s holding you back; and then let it go

  • Space to recognise what you REALLY want in your life

  • Open your mind up to the possibilities of your life

  • Gain confidence in visualising the life you want

  • Get the tools to create your own vision board

  • Be able to be creative, have fun and meet other people

Tech Watch


  • Zoom on your device – laptop, PC, mobile, tablets

  • 2 Hours of uninterrupted time

  • Your creative dreams – WE ARE DREAMING BIG!

  • Laughter & to have fun