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What’s Keeping You Single?

Do you ever ask yourself – why is everyone else in a relationship but me? And wonder what’s wrong with me?

The odds are that it’s not what’s wrong with you but more the self-sabotaging you may be doing.

3 techniques to recognise and change the self-sabotaging behaviours

That will be keeping you from finding the love that you deserve.

1. Are you really ready and open for a relationship? A lot of women think that they are ready for a relationship but when opportunities come their way they back away or do nothing. They may half-halfheartedly say I’ll give it a go and see what happens. But in order to finding the love that you deserve – you need to be 100% committed.

Make the change – be ready and clear that you want a relationship. Having this clarity will help to determine the kind of relationships you attract.

2. Delete the man checklist – keeping a record of every last detail you want in a man – is helping you to build barriers and stopping you from giving anyone a chance. In reality, this man does not exist!

Make the change – Define 5-10 values that you will not compromise on in a relationship eg. Wanting children, a non-smoker, getting married etc. If you meet someone that meets most of those values then give yourself and them a chance. You never know what may happen

3. How many new men are you meeting? Really think about this question. I’m not asking how many men you are meeting. I’m asking how many NEW men are you meeting? Men that you are not familiar with, men that you have not met before in your life. In order to help you find love, it is important to meet new men.

Make the Change – Join new groups, clubs and visit new places so that you can bring new people into your life.

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