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What To Do When Life Gets Too Much To Handle

Somebody asked me this question just last week and said – Do You Get Depressed?

And the answer is – Yes I do get depressed.

But this question was really pivotal because this depression isn’t the ‘clinical depression’. It’s not about the ones who are seriously dealing with far more deeper issues.

The kind of depression being asked about is

  • WHEN a person gets overwhelmed with life a person just basically doesn’t know what to do or how to cope when there is just so much to be said and to be done where there are difficult decisions to be made

  • WHERE life and everything just feels confused and where you kind of have that black cloud (that everybody knows about – that analogy) black cloud over your head where it just feels that you can’t see clearly

  • WHERE you can’t see a way out of something you can’t see the alternatives and it feels suffocating that this is what life is an inability to think that something could change that something positive could actually happen to me and you’re caught up in this kind of spiral of thinking

That was the kind of depression she was asking me about and the answer to that was YES – I do experience through periods of my life.

  • When I’m being challenged out of my comfort zone

  • When I’m going to be taking on something new

So yes that does happen to me – and I wasn’t afraid to say yes I do get depressed.

What to do in order to overcome those things:

Acknowledging That It’s Ok

To have those down days. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed and it’s ok to go ‘you know what today I just can’t cope’. Today I can’t be bothered to put on makeup, to go out and pretend to be cheerful, to kind of put on that mask so that I can present myself to the world. If my energy is not feeling like it, if my ‘self’ is just going – you know what have some time out. That’s OK.

Processing What Is Going On.

So process the emotions, process the information, process what’s going on with regards to the situation or what’s going on around you.

What is it in your life that’s overwhelming you. Is it a particular situation? Is it finances, is it the job, is it the relationship not working.

You’ve got to know what it is that’s triggering it. There’s no point in trying to brush it under the carpet and hope that it’s all going to be fine and work itself out. You’ve got to acknowledge what it is.

You’ve Got To Take Action

To fix it. So if it’s something to do with your finances then maybe you need to get another job. Maybe you need to change your situation. Maybe you need to change your spending habits so that you can kind of relieve that. Find a solution to what the problem is, don’t make that assumption that

You’ve acknowledged it, processed it and know what’s going on, So that’s ok. Now – you’ve got to move past that. You’ve got to start focusing on the positive and taking positive steps. So it’s important that you start to do that.


1) It’s acknowledging

2) Processing whether it’s an emotion whether it’s a situation what it is that needs to change

3) And then Taking action - Everything comes back down to taking action because without it – nothing changes nothing grows nothing progresses.

So the next time somebody says to you – Do You Get Depressed? Don’t hide away and go no, no, no life is perfect and I’m perfect and I’m altogether.

Be confident enough to say 'Yes I Get Depressed' – it’s the first step to actually moving past that and making that change and difference in your life. It’s all about building that confidence but taking small steps to get there.

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