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What's Your Relationship With Your Home/Office?

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Last month I was just about to start new projects but I had too many distractions in my mind to focus.

So think of your mind like one of those big bank vaults you see in the movies – with the big heavy door. Inside you have your safety boxes for all your stuff.

Your mind works in the same way. Each safety box is a thought/feeling/pain etc that you are storing. Now imagine on one side of the vault you have 2/3 of the boxes full with things to do.

How much space is that taking up in your energy – a lot – you can visualise it?

So if 2/3 of your brain is busy keeping you distracted and not in flow – imagine what you are

manifesting in your home & business. Your home is energy – and one of the most fundamental things I do is work with energy in my work & with my clients.

You don’t have to be so spiritually awakened to understand the energy of your home. It’s when you walk into a new home and know this is the one – that’s energy. Something about that place will feel in flow – or out of flow.

Our Homes/Office spaces are a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. If we are not healing ourselves in our inner world – then we manifest that chaos in our outer world.

I cannot work when my home is in chaos and I had started accumulating things I needed to do around my home

  • Stuff that needs fixing

  • Stuff that needs throwing out or taking to charity

  • Cleaning – not the daily stuff but the extras – like carpets/curtains etc

And as a result I wasn’t focusing on what needed doing and my energy was always unsettled and niggling at me.

So Today – take some time and see how your home/office space makes you feel

  • Do you feel creative, flowing, full of ideas, focused, relaxed – in flow?

  • Do you feel stressed, unable to focus, surrounded by stuff – out of flow?

Ways to manage getting in flow is to start clearing those safety deposit boxes in your brain:

Brainstorm and write down all the jobs you need to do in your home (no matter how small) –these do not include the daily/weekly chores - These would be - oh I need to paint that room,

put photos on the wall etc

Once they are out of your brain and on paper for you to see don’t assume the work is done – and your energy has cleared and you can relax. Imagine all you have done is place those boxes

in the vaults on to a table – so you have just moved clutter from one place to put it in another

To completely release them – you need to do that jobs

  • Whether you do them yourself

  • Delegate to partner/friends/family

  • Or pay someone


I talked earlier that our emotions manifest in our physical world – and by you clearing your space of distractions and clutter – you are not only letting go of old emotions but you are creating a flow of energy that will invite new opportunities into your life – whether that be a new job, clients, love, money.

So get rid of our distractions and create a space that will bring in your creativity, flow and inspire you to want to work.

Happy Energy Flow….

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