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What’s Your Relationship Been With 2020

Ambila Answers Segment

Thursdays @ 10.00am

Facebook The Female CEO Community

Getting through the first 10 months of 2020 has been full of questions & emotions

  • Anger / confusion / uncertainty / OMG what do I do – what can I do

  • How am I going to live/survive

  • What did you do

  • What changes happened in your life

  • What positives have you had

  • What challenges have you faced

  • Have you been looking after yourself

Every country united and different in the way government has supported you

In the UK

- More communities coming together

- Virtual living & communication happening - Friends / dating / family /business

Planning for 2021

  • Where are you today

  • Have you been using your time productively reinventing yourself & life or being buried in the ‘why me’ & this is so hard

  • What do you want to do from today onwards

  • No one knows when things will be back to the life we knew in 2019 but until then we need to really use this time to create who we want to be

  • Normally now this is what people start to do – so it isn’t that different to any other year – you need/are being pushed to think outside the box

  • Be creative

  • Ask for help – in all walks of your life

  • Let people in – let them see your vulnerability it’s a strength not a weakness

  • Look after your health – winter + pandemic

  • Coming into winter – connect more – really connect


If you look at today through the eyes of the past you will never see what the present moment has to offer - Bryant McGill

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