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The Goodbye Christmas Tree

Ambila Answers Segment

Thursday @10.00am

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What does The Goodbye Christmas Tree mean to you? Do you automatically think about a Hallmark movie?

Well you're not too far away from the truth about what this is about. There is a past, a present and of course THE FUTURE...

Christmas is one of my most favourite time of the year... I love the festivities, the decorating, the snuggling and spending time with the people I love.

The Goodbye Christmas Tree came about while talking to a friend. I was struggling with the concept of buying a new tree this year - as I didn't need one, but I wanted one and that's when I had the realisation that we are not just going into a new year but a new decade.

Being an energy worker I was going to use my Christmas tree as The Goodbye Tree to say goodbye to a lot of the things that I want to let go of this year and this decade.

So what do you want your next decade to be?

My tree is a sign that I need to make changes and let go of things consciously in my life. I am going to be using post it notes to write down all the things that I want to leave behind in this decade - old relationships, old patterns, friends who no longer serve my energy, material things that are old , broken and I've grown out of. Everything that will shift the stagnant energy that is in my life so that come 2021 - I have new energy around me and my home.

On the 12th day of Christmas, which is 6th January 2021, I will be collating all of my sticky notes and either burning, shredding or burying them. It's about passing that negative energy back to the elements/nature - earth, wind, fire and water.

You can use a notepad, pen & paper, an object that you want to write all over. Whatever it may be - you have to get it out of you house in the new year. Do not forget about it, or hold on to it, or bury it in some draw, because the negative & stagnant energy is still with you.

I my case, i think i want to burn my sticky notes. And along with the sticky notes, the Christmas tree will also be leaving my home, so that in 2021 I welcome prosperity, abundance, new energy and new tree into my life.

So The Goodbye my Christmas Tree.

Where are you going to focus your energy on during the remainder of 2020.

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