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Do You Treat Your Relationship As You Would Your Business

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Ask yourself this question:

Do your treat your relationship the same as you do your business?

I have been a mutli-business owner for over 2 decades and within that time I had to learn about being in business as I’m sure you did as well.

So let me put some question out to you:

When you decided to start your business – what did you do?

- Research / got to clear on what you wanted to do and how / and when

- Set goals / made plans / you knew how much time you were going to need

- Meet people / form collaborations / hired a team

- And so much more…

So you’ve got your business started – what are you doing to maintain its growth?

- Are you just sitting relaxing and taking for granted that someone else is going to take care

of it for you

- I bet you have plans of where you want to be in year 1/2/5 etc?

- And have you planned how much time you are going spend on it a week?

- If you have a team, you must be nurturing their growth because in doing so means loyalty

and long term commitment and happiness in working in an environment thats fun to be in

So speaking to every business owner in here – I know that you all will be pretty clued up as to where your business is heading and where you need to go to seek help and what you need to do to keep it growing.

So now let me ask – how many of you follow some of this mind set in your relationship?

I’ve been working with clients for years now looking into their mind set and relationship patterns and why they do what they do. A lot of people dedicate so much time to their business/career that your relationship can get neglected.

If you I were to ask you to make 2 columns – 1 that said business goals and 2nd column that said relationship goals. I bet a lot of you will have blanks in column 2

This is how PROBLEMS can start to arise in your relationship when YOU

  • begin to take it for granted that the person will always be with you

  • do not spend time or prioritise the person you are with

  • avoid having the difficult conversations when you need to

  • fall into a pattern of making your life too busy when problems arise and you don’t want to deal with them

  • don’t check in with your partner to see how they are doing or what they are doing in their life

  • divert your focus on ‘children/family time’ and not ‘couple time’

  • don’t deal with problems as they arise

  • Begin growing apart and not realise it until years down the line when the gap maybe too great to bring back

Most people will never think to set out goals they want for their relationship or to check in to see where they are at with their partner.

Your relationship should not be any different in priorities than that you give to running your business – minus the formality.

To have a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP you should

  • Have individual as well as couples goals of what you want to do (don’t just fumble through your life) – plan for the life you want to create

  • Communicate the things you need and equally listen to your partners needs

  • Give your relationship priority and time – do things face to face

  • Don’t cancel date nights – and if you don’t do date nights – then do them

  • Book quality time away together – weekends away from the children if you have them – or on your own if you don’t

  • Have the awkward and difficult conversations – use the communication/listening skills that you would do in your business – respect the person that you are with

  • Focus on fun things that you will both like to try – and maybe a few little things out of your comfort zone

  • Check in with your partner and be up to date with what’s going on in their life

  • Understand your partners body language – 80% of our communication is non verbal so see if you pick up on when they are stressed or wanting to talk

  • Regardless of the number of years you have been together - keep physical intimacy alive – holding hands, looking into each others eyes when talking, hugging, kissing – saying ‘I love you/I miss you’

  • Compromise in the relationship – as you do in business

We all have busy lives and yes we need to work to earn a living – but equally you need to work on maintaining a relationship because (god forbid) when you lose your business or your job the person you will be running to will be your partner. And if you have not been maintaining that relationship then you may not have one to turn around to.

So start to give your relationship the same time respect and focus as you do your business

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