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Blog Carnival - Gratitude

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

August the month of Gratitude.

It is time to close the Gratitude Blog Carnival, and share the results with you!

I have really enjoyed this month, collaborating and getting to know some amazing entrepreneurs on this topic. I'm also very grateful for the experience of hosting a blog carnival for the first time in my writing journey.

I hope that you will enjoy reading our articles, which I have personally found amazing resource for being grateful for all the little things that life gives us. I have already learned a lot from my four powerful guest writers!

I will let you look at those incredible articles listed below:

3 Minute Coffee Break to Your Peace and Joy - Burcu Onaranel

Burcu is a Marketing Coach and founder of Joyy Marketing & Coaching. Burcu article, 3 Minute Coffee Break to Your Peace and Joy, gives different insight and tips on how to be grateful every single day and create more peace in your life. I love the quick mind shift in the exercise 3 Min. Coffee o'clock. Definitely one for you all to try.

Elevate With Gratitude - Nicola Claassens

Nicola is a DōTERRA Wellness Advocate, she teaches classes on how to use essential oils for emotions, health, children, babies and non-toxic cleaning. In her article, Elevate With Gratitude, you'll discover how to elevate your energy with gratitude. I loved her perspective on the power of gratitude and how much a daily practice of gratitude is so important.

Attitude to Gratitude - Ambila Nath

This one has practical tools for you to start improving your attitude to gratitude. Attitude to Gratitude - Ambila Nath. Ambila Nath is a Serial Entrepreneur, Certified Coach, Spiritual Teacher and an International Speaker. In Ambila's article, I love the way she's set us a challenge at the end to help us to be more grateful.

Huge thanks to all the blog carnival participants who are; Burcu, Nicola.

If you want to know more about me and my work, find out more All About Ambila and let me know how you like it :) I always like to connect with you and hear your stories!

Wishing you lots of abundance

Let me know your thoughts, comment, like or share with people who will benefit from reading this.




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