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'The Heart Talks' with Guest Ambila Nath
July 2015: Heart Talk TV Presents 


Celebrating Your Successes
Dec 2014   Athena Women's Networking Event, UK


Celebrating Your Successes
Aug 2012   Brighton & Hove Business Show, UK


How To Start A Business
May 2012   University of Sussex, UK


How To Start A Business
Mar 2012   University of Brighton, UK


How Confident Are You?
Aug 2011   Brighton & Hove Business Show


Q & A Session on Business
May 2011   Young Enterprise talk at Crawley School, UK


How To Start A Business
Mar 2011   University of Chichester with S. Rodrigues


Building Your Confidence
Sept 2010   Brighton & Hove Business Show


How To Start A Business
Mar 2010   University of Chichester


How To Keep Motivated
Oct 2009   Brighton & Hove Business Show

'Dating Rules - Limit You Meeting Men' with Guest Ambila Nath

February 2020: Brokenhearted Podcast with Althea Branton

'Creating a Business That Combines Your Whole Self' with Guest Ambila Nath

December 2018: Spirituality in Business Series with Zach Shay