Happy Relationship Guidebook Summit
20th - 24th April 2020
How Expectations Shape Your Relationships and How to Break Free of Them
The Fearless Summit 2020
17th April 2020
Age is Not Your Enemy - Your Are
The Return to Your Feminine Self Summit
9 December 2019
Ambila Talks about her journey to becoming a Spiritual Dating & Relationship Expert and how she helps women find love
Celebrate Your Successes
December 2014
Athena Women's Network, Sussex
Celebrating Your Success
August 2012
Brighton & Hove Business Show
How ro Start a Business
May 2012
University of Sussex
How Confident Are You?
Aug 2011
Brighton & Hove Business Show
Your Business Quesions Answered
May 2011
Young Enterprise talk at Crawley School, Sussex
How to Start is Business
March 2011
University of Chichester
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