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You’re Purpose is to... Make Learning a Lifelong Pursuit

Talking to you is an instant reality check. You’ve got the facts on everything from beauty to scientific breakthroughs. How’d you get so smart? Well, you genuinely love to learn! In your opinion, no book should be left on the shelf and no page unturned.

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.” – Abigail Adams

Your conscientious, careful nature means that your standards are sky-high. Nothing gets under your skin like a faulty fact or a misinformed opinion. And you’ve got no qualms about correcting people – in the kindest way possible… Right?

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Hi, I’m Ambila Nath 👋 My clients know me as ‘The Girl Next Door of Spirituality’.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, certified coach, spiritual teacher, paid international speaker and an avid follower of my passions.

After spending nearly a decade working for international corporations, I know just how disheartening it can be to try and find what you are meant to do in this life.

Maybe you think it’s impossible to score a satisfying, financially-fulfilling business/career. Or you might just be looking for that love that will fix your life. Or maybe you just want that added confidence and self belief that you will have & live the life you want...


Whatever your roadblock is, I *universally promise* I can help you get over it. Your dream life and financial freedom are just around the corner!


Oh did I forget to mention that I'm also a Tarot Reader and an Advanced Energy Healer. You can book direct with me on my website 



Extra resources to help you build your confidence and belief in alignment with your life’s purpose...


1. Check out My Blog I post articles monthly on topics ranging from finding your unique path to using the universal energies. Whatever your life's conundrum may be, I’ve got it covered.


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