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Confident Woman

Elevation Business Mastermind

For Spiritually Open & Business Savvy
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


You are a passionate entrepreneur
and a born leader!

Time to take control of your business, your growth and your dreams and stop the 'naysayers' from controlling your outcome.


ELEVATE BUSINESS MASTERMIND is a group focused on entrepreneurs working together to help each other achieve their goals and grow a business they dream of, no matter how big or small that goal is.

The group is a perfect fusion of collaboration, sharing of ideas, accountability, support and results so that you will have everything you need to succeed.

Being in this mastermind
you will

what to expect



hot seat


a non-judgemental space for you to build confidence, overcome doubts, be courageous and vulnerable to speak up, and know that you are being heard and supported

weekly 1 hour meet up to collaborate, share ideas and help each other to grow professionally and personally; and accountability to keep you on track

the hot seat is your time in a safe space to work through the big challenges and opportunities facing you as a leader. You have a place to get thoughtful insight from experienced women leaders who have been there and are happy to share their wisdom

being supported isn't just about the 1-hour call, our greatest challenges happen when no one is around. But in this case, we are! You will become part of a Whatsapp group so that we stay connected, supported and strong

Hi, I’m Ambila Nath, and I work with entrepreneurs who want to up-level their business and have a passion for growing, learning and empowering others while being authentic to who they are

I'm a serial entrepreneur, award-winning certified coach and magazine editor, spiritual leader, international speaker and an avid follower of my passions. I went from management consulting to building a Spiritual business that I love.


I have coached thousands of people, combining Logic and Spirituality to tune into their energy and guide them on the path to building a successful business. I always lead by example and am fully transparent in my approach.


My passion for my work brought me to start the 'Elevate Business Mastermind' bringing together leaders in business wanting to up-level their growth both professionally and personally.

Ambila Nath - Manifesting Expert
Confident Woman

A warm, virtual safe space for learning and growth while on our development journeys. You will be sharing from your experiences and lessons learnt helping others, all the while being guided as you work to build stronger and better leadership habits.


This mastermind for high-achieving entrepreneurs was created by a master coach and was brought to life by fellow high-achieving leaders like you.

We meet weekly for 1-hour calls. To maintain intimacy, the group is capped at 6 people. Each week you will bring your pressing business topics and will make a commitment to try one new thing between meetings. During your hot seat, the group’s attention is fully focused on you and helping you brainstorm new ideas to try.

the elevate business mastermind

Grow your business influence, your mindset and your impact with like-minded leaders


  • Spiritually open and Business savvy to using logical and spiritual strategies.

  • You’re a high-achieving entrepreneur or business owner who is ready to transform into an influential and empowered leader.

  • You’re ready to be all in and 100% accountable.

  • You have a good foundation of business and personal skills and are ready to level up into influence and empowerment.

  • You are committed to moving forward in your business and expanding your client base, growth and money.

  • You no longer want to go it alone.

This is a paid mastermind group. We have found that


  1. People respect their growth and time more

  2. They make time and commitment for themselves and their business

  3. They show up as they have financially invested in themselves


  • You’re not willing to be vulnerable with other women.

  • You’re not prepared to make time, dive in and get to work.

  • You're not committed to meeting every week.

  • You’re simply seeking inspiration and advice.

  • You’re not prepared to follow through on actions.

  • You're not willing to be supportive of other people's journeys.

  • You're not willing/wanting to pay to join

what you will do

  • Listen and support like-minded businesswomen.

  • Participate in weekly sessions.

  • Take action towards your business and personal growth.

  • Implement, learn and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

  • Collaborate with driven women like yourself.

  • Remain accountable to create growth opportunities for yourself and others.

What you
will get

  • Weekly virtual sessions with an engaged community of women leaders showing up to learn and grow together.

  • Opportunities for new business.

  • Build relationships in an intimate group of other high-achieving women.

  • Dedicated support network for ongoing communication.

  • Weekly learnings and speakers to help your leadership growth.

return on your investment

Elevate Business Mastermind has been designed with you in mind. To impact your personal, professional and spiritual growth. Whether you’re wanting to grow your leadership influence, develop an empowering mindset or expand your magnetism to the world, that’s what we’ll be focused on.

Elevate Business Mastermind is OPEN to JOIN.
Limited Spots Available.

do you still have questions?

I'm ready to help

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