About 'Be You'

When you’re seeking that missing part of your life to make everything else


Be You Program

My program is designed to transform you into a strong, positive and empowered person who is in control of their LIFE STORY and wants to live a life of purpose and fulfilment. 

The program comprises 8 modules, during which you’ll discover the real you and unlock your true potential

As standard, you’ll get…

  • 8 Weeks 1:1 Mentored Coaching with me + support throughout

  • 8 x Modules - personalised guidance and exercises

  • Intimate understanding of your journey & development

  • Options of Payment Plans

Best of all, due to limited enrolment, you can be sure I’ll always have plenty of time to help and guide you to realise the transformation you’re looking for

What’s all in the
Be You Program?

The Reason
For Being

What is your purpose, why do you want what you want. We looking into gaining clarity and exploring where you are now and where you would like to be. I mix Eastern philosophy and Western culture overlap to help you find your purpose

The Reason for


Module 1

The Reason for Being

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My Childhood

You’ll discover your story and how this has shaped your mindset on

Love/Business and how you see that unfold

in your life

Module 2

My Childhood Story

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Finding You

I’ll show you how to build a relationship with yourself so that you can better understand and build stronger relationships around you.

We explore your thoughts and how they stop you from achieving the life you deserve

Module 3

Finding You

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Forgiving The

I’ll show you how forgiveness

is the key to bringing

abundance into your life by overcoming your past pain

Module 4

Forgiving The Past

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Detox Your

Understand the power of the energies around you and how

you can use them to make more space in your life to allow love

in or expand your business

Module 5

Detox Your Energy

Detox Your Energy

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The Art of

You’re ready to change your life and create the life you want. Imagine how different things

will be when you have all you need and more – Love/Business

Module 6

The Art of Manifesting

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Make It Happen

This is where dreams become realities as we get crystal

clear on what you want for

yourself and make a plan of how you’re going to achieve this

Module 7

Make It Happen

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Daily Rituals

Now we are ready to make

your dreams come true,

you have got to take the

action to make it happen.

Let’s get started

Module 8

Daily Rituals

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