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How Does The £1 club work?

The £1 Club is your ENTRY into the Business Magnetic Mentorship Sessions

You get 14-day access to a group coaching session for just £1 per session.

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what's in the sessions?

Q&A coaching

✔️ Weekly Live Group


✔️ Get Answers to Your     

       Business Challenges

✔️ Business Strategies

✔️ Spiritual Strategies

✔️ Mindset tips

Support group

✔️ Connect With



✔️ Interact and Keep in

       Touch in FB

       Group/Members Site


✔️ Monthly Subscription

✔️ Cancel Anytime


✔️ Replay all Calls Anytime

✔️ Worksheets/Templates

✔️ Meditations

Note: After the 14-Day period is over, if you don’t cancel, you will automatically be charged the regular price of £50 for the Platinum Mentorship subscription plan.

Is it Worth It?


There are so many hidden benefits that come with this offer

☑️ You will have an expert at your fingertips sharing their knowledge and saving you years in your business growth

☑️ You will learn business & spiritual strategies to help grow your business

☑️ You will no longer be alone but will be supported by a mentor and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

And. . .

☑️ You will get the 360-degree approach to growing emotionally, mentally and spiritually to support your business foundation

The £1 club has been instrumental in helping business owners up-level their business, build a support system and create more income

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Business Group Q&A Sessions £1 PER SESSION FOR 14-DAYS!


You consent that after 14-days you will automatically move onto the platinum mentorship plan.

You can change your plan at any time.

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